David F. Nicklin International Consulting (DFNIC) was founded in July of 1999 when David Nicklin elected to leave his career of eighteen years with ARCO, and his position as the Chief Geologist of that Corporation.

The objective of DFNIC was to become a launch pad for new business ventures, principally in the oil and gas exploration and development business, where Mr. Nicklin’s extensive experience of international prospect and project evaluation, his successful track record of finding oil and gas, and his corporate, technical, and financial networks could be best applied.

DFNIC’s first project was the establishment of petroleum development associates LLC (pda), a start-up oil and gas exploration venture, which under Mr. Nicklin’s initial leadership acquired assets in the UK North Sea, Indonesia, and Spain. pda has now concluded a successful merger with Kyrgoil, and the new company: Serica Energy, is traded on the Toronto Venture Exchange. Although in August 2003 Mr. Nicklin resigned from his positions with pda, Serica is now being led and managed by the team he assembled and developed.

DFNIC has also continued to provide independent consulting services to the oil and gas industry, and evaluates both US domestic and international exploration and development opportunities for a select client group including the Roxanna Associates LLC in Houston, and a number of independent investors based in Southern California.

In other areas, DFNIC is available for general business consulting in the development of business management models and expansion plans. Currently Mr. Nicklin is working with the Center Gallery of San Juan Capistrano, assisting them in the development and promotion of educational workshops in photography, geology, and natural science.

DFNIC is also the Founder and operator of the “PhotoGeo Studio and Gallery” in Dana Point California www.photogeo.com.

DFNIC gladly welcomes all inquiries about ways in which we might help you and your business, regardless of the scale or scope of your particular need. It is our goal to provide all our clients with sound, down-to-earth assistance that will help achieve their objectives.

To find out more about what we can do to help you, please contact us by either telephoning our office: 949.388.1326 / 949.246.0202 or by using our e-mail link.

Thanks for reviewing our site and we look forward to speaking with you.

Mr. Nicklin was born and educated in Great Britain where he graduated from the University of Wales in 1971 with a B.Sc. Honors Degree in Geology. After graduation he worked in various oil exploration camps in West Texas, the Canadian Arctic, Western and Southern Africa, and North West Australia. He worked in Norway for several years, and also in the Middle East, much of this work involving long spells in active onshore and offshore oil and gas exploration operations in a variety of roles including mudlogger, roughneck, derrickman, part-time diver, and wellsite geologist.

In 1981, Mr. Nicklin and his American wife, Patricia Young, settled on the US West Coast where Mr. Nicklin took up a position as Senior Geologist with Arco. His career at Arco advanced steadily through a number of assignments of increasing scope and responsibility, culminating in an eight-year assignment as the Corporation’s Chief Geologist. In his various roles at Arco, Mr. Nicklin played a significant part in the development of a number of commercial arrangements and business dealings for ARCO, the successful discovery and development of a number of oil and gas fields, and the development of a highly effective and successful geological staff. His duties required that he visit many countries, including China in 1983, where he worked for a year as one of the first Western geologists to enter the country, and to Indonesia, where he lived with his young family for three years. He subsequently spent five years living in Dallas Texas, until his return to California in 1997.

Mr. Nicklin is the proud father of three children, two boys and a girl, who are all in various stages of their education. His election to leave ARCO was a family decision, based primarily on a desire for the family to be settled during the children’s educational years.

Since leaving Arco, Mr. Nicklin has focused his efforts and experience on new business development, primarily in the oil and gas exploration industry. His initial effort was the founding and running of petroleum development associates LLC, which has proven to be a successful venture with assets acquired in the UK North Sea, Indonesia and Spain. Although Mr. Nicklin resigned his positions with the company in August of 2003, the company has successfully concluded a merger arrangement with Kyrgoil, and now trades on the Toronto Venture Exchange under the name Serica Energy, under the leadership of the team assembled and developed by Mr. Nicklin.

Mr. Nicklin’s ambitions and energy are now focused in two areas: one in continuing to provide consulting services, primarily to the oil and gas industry, and another in attempts to give back to the community some of the knowledge and experience he has been fortunate to accumulate over the years of his career.

Throughout his career Mr. Nicklin has maintained an energetic interest in a broad range of pursuits. He has at various times been a qualified snow ski instructor, a US Coast Guard licensed small boat operator, and a PADI qualified rescue diver. In addition to his main occupation, he and his wife have jointly run a number of small business ventures, including DAPA Trading Services, Lands End Yacht Charters, and most recently, the PhotoGeo Studio and Gallery. In 2003 he was a featured photographic artist at the Laguna Festival of the Arts and has also been juried in advance to the 2004 Festival.