32 years of broad practical experience, with a proven track record in
many aspects of the oil and gas exploration and production business:

• Consistent capability in finding and developing commercial oil and gas resources.

Strong independent initiative and visionary leadership skills

Stewardship of significant operating and capital budgets.

Developing and executing business strategies and tactics.

Excellent communication skills at all levels, in both large and small organizations.

Energetic, decisive, proven ability to achieve highest levels of productivity from individuals, multidisciplinary teams, and small or large organizations.

Global, international experience, and cultural sensitivity.

Building and developing technically specialized organizations to the highest professional levels.

Developing professional careers and mentoring

UK citizen with US Green Card.

March 2003 – Present:
Independent Consultant, and, Senior Consultant, Roxanna Associates LLC
Conducted evaluations on behalf of the Roxanna client base of a variety of project proposals for both international and US opportunities.

April 2002 – August 2003:
Technical Director petroleum development associates LLC

Supervised and co-prepared pda’s application in the UK 21st License Round; reviewed all pda project evaluations; established pda’s technological setup and advised Board of Directors and Management Team on general company development and direction, including discussions with Petrofac on the merger with Kyrgoil.

July 2000 – April 2002:
President, CEO, and Founder petroleum development associates LLC

petroleum development associates LLC (pda) was founded in July 2000, on the basis of private investor funding. The company acquired five offshore blocks in the UK Southern Gas Basin from BP, conducted extensive 3D seismic reprocessing, and subsequently sold these to Conoco-Phillips. An exploration well was drilled and a substantial gas discovery made. Additional block was acquired from BP, and was operated by pda on behalf of its 50% partner ExxonMobil. Pda was awarded two further UK Licenses in the 21st. Round of 2003. pda also purchased a 15% carried interest in the Lematang Block in Indonesia. This includes both oil and gas production and a 300BCF undeveloped gas field (Singa). pda has also acquired additional interests in Indonesia, and Spain. The company has agreed to merge with Kyrgoil, a publicly listed Canadian oil production company owned largely by Petrofac. This should be in effect by early 2004.

July1999 – Present:
Owner and President David F. Nicklin International Consulting,

Founded and ran petroleum development associates LLC. Currently involved in a number of consulting assignments and development of two new business developments. (Details withheld).

December 1991 – September 1999 :
Chief Geologist, ARCO

A senior member of ARCO’s leadership team, reporting principally to Mr. Marlan Downey (President), with responsibility for building and maintaining ARCO’s exploration and production portfolio.

The Team’s annual budget responsibility: $250-400MM.
Average Geological Staff at ARCO: 200 - 400

Particular Responsibility: Company risk assessment process for project and prospect evaluation; the standard of geological work required to support company risk assessments, and the quality of the geological workforce.

Between 1987 and 1998, ARCO progressively increased its annual discovery of resource BOE from below 50MMBOE to over 850MMBOE and added a total of 3.125BBOE to ARCO’s total resources inventory. During this same period, ARCO lowered its resource finding cost from an average of $5.00 per resource BOE to $0.98 per resource BOE.

December 1989 – December 1991 :
Exploration Manager, ARCO Bali North Inc.

Responsible for a three-year operation to evaluate the potential of the Kangean Production Sharing Contract, East Java Sea, Indonesia.

Annual Budget Responsibility: $20-45MM
Average Staff Resources: 36 (multi-ethnic)
Program acquired, processed and interpreted 2025Kms 2D offshore, onshore and transition seismic data, 1657kms 3D data, six exploration wells and two development wells in the Pagerungan gas field.

Program identified one commercial and one non-commercial gas discovery, and two sub-commercial oil discoveries.

January 1988 – December 1989 :
Exploration Manager, ARCO New Zealand

Responsible for the conduct of a one-year operation to evaluate the potential of the Kora oil discovery, offshore Taranaki Basin, New Zealand, and make a substantial acreage play.

Budget: $20 MM
Staff Resources: 10

Program acquired, processed and interpreted 2000kms offshore 2D seismic, drilled three offshore delineation wells (unsuccessful), and nine additional low cost licenses, two of which resulted in commercial oil discoveries in the onshore Taranaki Basin.

January 1984 – January 1989 :
Chief Geologist, ARCO International Oil and Gas Company, Asia, Middle East Region,

Supervise headquarters staff group working in conjunction with parallel seismic team to develop new exploration ventures and provide HQ staff support to Indonesian field operations.

Budget: Variable, $1.0- $15.0MM and controlled in general by Supervisor (Exploration Manager)
Staff Resources: 9

Program resulted in new exploration licenses in Australia (one commercial oil discovery), New Zealand, (one sub-commercial and two commercial oil discoveries), and Jordan.

January 1983 – January 1984 :
Senior Geologist, ARCO China Inc

Member of team evaluating the Ying Ge Hai area of the South China Sea and developing relations with the Nan Hai West Oil Company. Picked locations and drilled five exploratory wells resulting in one sub-commercial oil discovery and one commercial gas discovery (Yacheng Gas Field).

April 1981 – January 1983 :
Senior Geologist, ARCO International Oil and Gas Company, Europe, Middle East Region,

Member of team evaluating exploration new ventures. Two commercial gas condensate fields discovered in Dubai (Margham and Kubai).

December 1976 – April 1981 :
Consulting Geologist, UK and Norwegian North Sea

Principally involved in various exploration and production operations including competitive bid preparations, planning and execution of both exploration and development drilling, and the evaluation of fields. Member of team that discovered and appraised the Sleipner Field in Norway.
Principal clients: Norsk Hydro and Tricentrol

January 1975 - December 1976 :
Pressure Detection Engineer, Geologist, Mud Logger, Schlumberger-Anadrill
Crew Chief, responsible for seven-man team, fully computerized logging unit. UK, Norway, Dubai, Egypt.

January 1972 – December 1975 :
Corelab and Odeco
Mud logger, Roughneck/Roustabout: US, Canada, Angola, South Africa, Australia.

American Association of Petroleum Geologists
   Active Member since 1971
Geological Society of America,
   Member at Large: Geosciences and Public Policy Committee (Retired)
American Geological Institute
   Member Human Resources Committee (Retired)
   Member National Database Committee (Retired)
   Member Industry-Academic Associates Conference Organizing Committee (Retired)
Houston Geological Society
Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain
National Association of Photoshop Professionals

B.Sc. Hons. Geology, University College of Wales, 1971

Post Graduate : Abundant selection of Geo-science based and Technical and Business Training courses including the Texas A & M Management Development Program and the American Graduate School of International Management at Thunderbird, Arizona.

Date of Birth : January 19, 1949

Citizenship : British/US Green card

Marital status : Married (for 25 years!) with three children (ages 17, boy, 15, girl, and 11, boy)

References available upon request: Marlan Downey, James Robertson, Steven Sinclair, Barney Whitesell

Owner and Operator of “Lands End Yacht Charters” Newport Beach California, 1983-1988. US Coast Guard registered Small Boat Operator License # 214367

Owner and Founder of David F. Nicklin Photography Outdoors DBA “PhotoGeo Studio and Gallery”, Dana Point, California, 2002 - Present. Featured photographic artist at the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts and Pageant of the Masters in 2003 and 2004. www.photogeo.com

Teaching Geology and Outdoor Photography, Personal Computing (principally Photoshop use), and blue water sailing (Two open ocean crossings: North Sea 1979, Atlantic 1996).

Skilled in the use of a broad selection of office and desktop publishing software applications in either PC or Macintosh environment Member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals.

Social and Sports:
Various outdoor pursuits: including snow skiing (British Association of Ski Instructors Grade III, and part- time Norwegian Ski Patroller, 1979), mountain walking and camping, mountain biking, surfing, and scuba diving (PADI Advanced Diver and Rescue Diver 1991).